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AI responses too vague? This helps!

Chances are, you’ve attempted to use AI for your research, such as ChatGPT. AI can be an incredibly useful tool for you as a PhD candidate. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, writing articles, or getting feedback when you need it, AI can streamline and enhance your research process. AI responses not…

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about you A PhD is a marathon, not a sprint

No rush PhD

Some time ago, I conducted a workshop for the PhD candidates at Amsterdam Movement Sciences. The workshop was titled ‘Taking the Helm: Strategic Leadership and Feedback Tactics for PhD Students’.   Take Charge of Your PhD Journey We discussed how to take charge of your PhD journey, emphasising that the…

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about you Connect with other PhDs, ensure good relationships within and outside academia.

Networking? Yuck….

It’s such an itch-inducing word: networking. Immediately, I’m reminded of networking events where you don’t know anyone and have to pretend you’re having a good time, and of forced introductory rounds with games. Yuck… Maybe I’m projecting my own discomfort onto you, but I know few people who say, ‘Great,…

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