motivation/inspirationReading books is very beneficial for your PhD

Have you read that new book yet everybody is talking about?

No, I haven’t, not enough time, I am so busy.

Maybe you should read more good books. Research has shown that all kind of changes is taking place in your brain resulting in creating very favourable conditions for your PhD.

During one of my weekly calls’ of my VIP program (a 5 months intensive program) we talked about books that have an impact on your life, evoke something beautiful, inspire you or make you happy. We were not talking about specialist literature; no, I mean books that have nothing to do with your PhD, well; they seem to have nothing to do with your PhD.

I would love to share a couple of titles of books we talked about in our weekly call.


Reading books is great for your PhD


Walking sounds boring. This book explains that that is not at all the case. A daily walk will help you finish your PhD!


Reading is very good for your PhD

Elizabeth Gilbert will inspire you to be more creative, something that is not always easy in our day to day life but very necessary for your PhD. Working on your PhD is a creative process.


Reading is very good for your PhD


Meik Wiking is the author of Hygge, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. Wiking uses research to define happiness but also explains the Danish word of Hygge and its meaning. I think everybody can learn a lot about Hygge.


Reading books is very beneficial for your PhD


This is a book intended for women, but I am convinced men could be inspired as well. It will be of interest to you if you suffer from imposter syndrome or perfectionism. I am sure almost every PhD student encounters one or the other at a certain stage…..


Reading books is very beneficial for your PhD


A rather depressing title: reasons to stay alive. It is actually a joyful book about depression and going through hard times. I can really recommend it when you are experiencing difficult times at the moment.


Reading books is very beneficial for your PhD


Many people have the impression that humankind is evil. Rutger Bregman sheds a different light on us humans.  How do you perceive the world?


Would be great if you let me know which books inspire and motivate you? Send me an email to inspire other PhD students.

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