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I am Arjenne Louter and I will help you to finish your PhD successfully and in time. You will find many tips and other useful tools on my website which will give you a boost in your working attitude and also make sure you will take a break now and then.

Often the major problem is not so much what to do but how to do it. How to plan the smartest, write the easiest, read the fastest, keep the handiest overview of your literature. How to make sure you have useful meetings with your supervisor, that you will get the feedback you need? How to progress when you are stuck? How to have a life besides your PhD, how to make sure you enjoy accomplishing your PhD.

Most of the time it is not in the content, but in the process you will encounter the obstacles. And with that I can help you. I can give you the answer to the ‘how’questions with practical tools how to avoid the obstacles during your PhD.

Why am I doing this?

Because I love it and I am an absolute expert! You can ask somebody who worked with me. Since I started in 2008 a couple of thousands have done so.

I graduated as Communication Expert at University of Utrecht. I gained a great amount of experience as teacher in academic skills in almost all Universities and Colleges. Besides that I learned specific writing methods in the business world, not known by Universities. I also know why it is important to regard your PhD as a project and plan accordingly. I understand why you need to empty your head to be able to do your research and I know how to achieve this. I know the academic world inside out. I am a process supervisor. Having a background as a mediator I also know how to solve conflicts and be a good coach by not talking too much. Besides that I am a Zhineng Qigong teacher for much needed relaxation.

I give training courses, workshops, three-day-writing-courses and help you to make progress and get results. I also deliver keynotes and practical tips.  Would you like to find out what I can do for you? Contact me. Or register for my free eBook with the 321 #promotion tips.