Online writing course for PhD students

Five webinars to discover


Make the most of your time behind the computer

Minimum input & maximum result

It is very likely that you are depending on yourself at the moment to make sure you will write and you probably are spending a lot of time behind your computer screen. The best moment to register for an online writing course!

You will receive five online webinars regarding an essential part of the writing process.

After working through those webinars, you will have received all the information to write efficiently, effectively and have fun doing so. It turns out you are your own writing coach!


Five webinars, exactly what you need to write efficiently, effectively and have fun

The webinars are designed to give you exactly the input you need to write with pleasure. Nothing more and nothing less. Minimum input with maximum result.

Writing process

The first webinar will tackle the writing process. What does your writing process look like? How do good writers write and what insights can you gain from that? Plus, an essential tool to help you clarify your thoughts.


How do you make sure you don’t get lost in your literature? How do you know you have read enough? And perhaps even more important: how to properly write about what you have read. A handy step-by-step-plan is included.


It is an art in its own right to structure your text. This webinar will teach you 2 ways to make sure your text has a solid structure and clear focus.

Paragraphs and sentencens

This webinar will cover paragraphs and sentences; both very important building blocks for your text. What are the rules, how to make sure your paragraphs and sentences are accurate?

The finishing touches

The last webinar will show you the finishing touches and extra tips and tricks to optimise your text. You will learn what to do if it doesn’t work the way you would like it to work or in case you get stuck.

Valuable bonus

Every month I will organise an online Question & Answer call, so that you can ask all your questions. You will receive the invite for that in your mailbox.

Extra option

You will have the opportunity of a one-hour individual writing coaching after you finished your training. This way we can reflect on your text and I can answer all your specific questions. Normally I will charge 165 euro for such an intensive coaching hour, but as you have purchased this online training you will pay only 115 euro! Click here to find out more.


What will you learn in this online training?

The 5 webinars will give you all the knowledge and skills to be your own writing coach. You will know how to tackle the writing process and how to check your text is in order. You will have all the tools in case you get stuck so you know what to do when things don’t go smoothly. No more writers block.

Exactly what you need these days.

This writing course is different from the ‘academic writing course’ where you are taught what the end result should be and what to pay attention to, language and grammar are important ingredients. This writing course will show you how to get there. The courses are complementary.

What are the practicals?

You can start at any moment. Once you have started, you will get immediate access to the webinars and thus have the opportunity to go through them at your own pace.

What is the investment?

The price for this course is 545 euro. VAT is not applicable. All hand-outs are included in the price and make very useful reference material.

The big advantage is lifelong access to the webinars. At any given time, you can brush up your knowledge, for instance if you haven’t written for a long time after a period of other activities.


Why this training?

For over 10 years I have organized the very successful Three Day Thesis Writing Course. Unfortunately, these courses have all been cancelled and I decided to create an online writing course to give you a taste of that course and so you can take advantage of your time behind the computer. The 5 webinars won’t be a substitute for the Three Day Thesis Writing Course (much more is covered in those 3 days) but the most important parts, the essential elements, will be shown to you. With a minimum input you will get maximum results.