Privacy Policy
Arjenne Louter – Louter Promoveren


Thank you for visiting my website. In case you are interested, you can sign up to receive my newsletter, or apply for a free promotion success session. Either way, I will receive your personal or digital data.


As a business owner, I am obliged to inform you how I use your personal information. This Privacy Policy will inform you what I do with your personal information how it is processed and why and how it is safely stored.


Of course I will handle and protect your personal data carefully and respectfully. Once signed up for the newsletter, these data will only be used for the newsletter.  When you apply for a promotion success session via the questionnaire button, I will use your email address and phone number to contact you. Any other personal information you might have added will stay in my mailbox. Details follow hereafter.


Your personal data.

As you have chosen to visit my website, fill in a questionnaire, or/and use the services of ‘Louter Promoveren’ your personal data will be collected: first and last name, address, telephone number, email address, IP-address (an IP-address provides an identity to a networked device) and data of your activities on the website.


Why am I using all these data?

In order to contact you and be able to render my services (individual support, workshop or training). I use your name and contact details to keep in touch with you and provide you with information that is relevant to my support sessions. My mentoring consists of training and any other support. All the information you will provide me by email or questionnaire will be appropriately stored. Any information you share with me via the phone will not be documented. Your data are used to send out the newsletters or to give you more information about my business activities and also to monitor visitor behaviour in order to improve my website.


What is your data not used for?

Your data records aren’t sold to anybody else. They are also not used to compile extensive visitor profiles and not for decision-making based on automated processing (i.e. independent working computer programs or computer systems). I will use them only to send you newsletters and information about the training you signed up for.


Are your data shared with third parties?

Yes, only when necessary for compliance with a legal obligation or a ‘legitimate interest’ like reasonable business management. Who will have access to your data?

  • the bank in order to process payments
  • the tax advisor who will look into invoices containing address details and as required by the tax authority
  • the website host in order to store contact form details
  • the newsletter software needed for the digital newsletter
  • Google Analytics to analyse visiting data of the website

I have made agreements with these ‘processors’. They also state they will treat your data with utmost care.



At the bottom of each newsletter you will have the opportunity to update your details or to unsubscribe.


What happens when surfing the web?

We use cookies and other technologies to make my website operate efficiently and to ensure ease of use. Google Analytics will collect general visiting data, amongst others the IP address. When visiting my website, a cookie, a small and simple text file, will be stored on your computer or mobile devices. You may opt out of cookies, delete all stored information or arrange to receive a message in case a cookie is sent, by selecting the appropriate preferences under settings of your Internet browser.


Google Analytics – privacy friendly

Google Analytics analyses visiting and click behaviour on the website. Google stores this information on servers in the United States and incorporates it in reports on functioning of the website. You will find more information on the privacy policy of Google and Google Analytics on their respective websites. These data are collected in a ‘privacy friendly’ way; the unique customer part of the IP address is depersonalised, ‘share data’ is opted out and I don’t use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics. Google may supply this information to third parties when there is a legal obligation to do so or when these third parties process data in the name of Google. I can’t influence this.


Your data are secured.

I take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Your data aren’t stored online (in the cloud), my computer is protected by appropriate and effective technical measures, like safe passwords, and the website is secured with a reliable SSL certificate. The safe SSL connection can be recognised by the ‘padlock’ and the word ‘safe’ on your browser’s status bar. I don’t use Twitter or Facebook software on my website.


How long is your personal information retained?

Your personal information is retained till you unsubscribe from my newsletter. Everything will be automatically deleted, with the exception of the legal requirement to store my administration for seven years, which includes invoices stating address details.


Is something not quite right, would you like to review your information or have it deleted?

Every newsletter contains a simple option to unsubscribe or view your data by clicking on the appropriate link. If something doesn’t work accordingly, please contact me so I can arrange it for you as soon as possible, generally within a week. If you deem it necessary, you can object to storing your personal data and/or file a complaint with Nederlandse Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.



Do you have any tips, questions or any other feedback?

Please contact:

Arjenne Louter ** Louter Promoveren

Kerkstraat 52a

8194 LX

The Netherlands

KvK 05070369

+31 6 2053 4994


Thank you for reading this Policy.


Best wishes,

Arjenne Louter