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Working from home is the ‘new normal’. But unfortunately, in reality, it is quite hard. I have created a webinar with the ins and outs to help you with it.

The webinar

To make sure working from home will be successful, you need to have a good understanding of the possibilities and impossibilities and figure out what will work for you.

This webinar will give you a lot of insight with a personal touch.

Additions of experienced PhD students

I received many more tips from PhD students who have been working from home already for a short time or longer.


It is very important to have a structure and find new routines. For instance, you could maintain the structure that you normally use when you work outside of your home.

• Set your alarm on a fixed time, however, give yourself some freedom to decide otherwise now and then.
• Take a shower.
• Have breakfast.
• Dress in normal clothes, avoid wearing your jogging bottoms or other casual wear.
• Start your day with a nice cup of coffee or tea.
• Take some breaks – make some online coffee or lunch dates to have some virtual contact with colleagues or friends.
• Reserve slots of time for different tasks, it helps to create routines and a daily rhythm.

Do you work in your living room or from the kitchen table?

Is your living room or your kitchen table your office at the moment? It helps if you clear out your workspace at the end of your working day. Make sure you put your work stuff away – on a bookshelf, in a box or a cupboard. Give it a fixed spot in your house and clear it away to have a tidy house that doesn’t remind you of your work while you are doing other things.


When working from home, make sure you tidy up after to avoid being reminded of your work all the time.


To create time to relax is even more important now than it ever was. The same goes for looking after yourself. Check this out if you want more tips; some very practical, some more to do with mindset.

Give yourself time

Probably the most important thing now: give yourself time, rest and space. Everything is so very different than we ever experienced. This requires adaption, getting used to, being flexible and just realising that some things are not possible.

Be kind to yourself, be realistic. There will be solutions in the end, the thing is we don’t know how and when yet; so be it.

Video about FACE CORONA

Have a look at this video from Dr. Russ Harris on how to Face Corona.

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