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Wednesday May 15


Writing Power Day

academic writing powerAre you a driven PhD candidate, grappling with academic writing challenges? Do you find it difficult to establish a clear thread in your text, do you get get stuck in endless rewriting sessions, do you struggle with integrating literature into your work, or feel frustrated with the lack of constructive feedback? Are you endlessly fine-tuning your paragraphs, and does the writing process seem to drag on for too long? Have you lost or are losing the joy of writing? Leave that struggle behind and embrace a day filled with insights, inspiration, and writing power!

On this exclusive Writing Power Day, we delve into the essence of the academic writing process, providing you with the tools to master this crucial skill. This day is an indispensable investment in enhancing your writing proficiency and a guarantee for success.


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Why is it a good idea to participate in the Writing Power Day?

Efficiency: Learn how to write efficiently without getting stuck in endless rewriting.

Effectiveness: Develop the skills of a true writing master for clear academic texts.

Enjoyment: Turn writing into an enjoyable activity (again) by gaining new insights and fresh inspiration.

What will you learn?

Writing Process Mastery: Discover your own writing process, learn from the writing process of successful writers, and gain access to an indispensable tool for clarifying your thoughts.

Literature Management: How to avoid getting lost in the literature jungle? Learn handy step-by-step plans to make choices, maintain an overview, and effectively write about what you have read.

Art of Structure: Learn the art of creating a good structure in your text. Familiarize yourself with a foolproof method to ensure structure and maintain a clear line in your story.

Mastery in Paragraphs and Sentences: Knowing how to build paragraphs and sentences effectively is crucial. Explore the rules and learn how to ensure that paragraphs and sentences seamlessly connect.

Optimization: Dot the i’s and get practical tips to optimize your text. Learn what to do when facing writer’s block or getting stuck.

Practical information

Wednesday May 15th from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM YOU CAN NO LONGER REGISTER

A small-scale conference hotel on the Veluwe, easily accessible by both car and public transport

€425,-, including coffee, tea, fruit, treats, a delicious lunch, and, not to forget, valuable handouts

Not sure if this training is what you need? Don’t hesitate to get in touch; we can discuss whether this training is suitable for you. It’s not pleasant for either of us if you attend a training that doesn’t meet your needs, so feel free to ask.

The Writing Power Day will proceed with a minimum of 6 participants.

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Let this Writing Power Day make your academic journey smoother. Register for this day full of growth, insights, and writing inspiration. It’s your moment to unleash the writing master within you!

Looking forward to working with you.

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