In my opinion, September has something magical. It is a bit like January the 1st, but in this case, it’s about the start of the new Academic Year. Therefore, it is a good moment to reflect. You are still having a couple of months left to make sure you realise everything you wanted to get done what you had planned.  So make use of the magic of the fresh start of September!

I have two tips for you, to make the most of the rest of the year:

  • the look-back-and-review-tip
  • the big-rocks-first-tip

The look-back-and-review-tip

Nothing better than a good reflection to see whether you are still on track, and if not, to adjust accordingly. It’s about learning from your mistakes, and that is not always easy. A simple way to look back and to actually learn from your mistakes is to answer the following questions:

– What worked well?

What did not work or what worked not so well?

– If you could redo the last period of time, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

If that’s clear for you, you can rethink how to make sure you work more successfully in the coming months.  I’m sure you will get better results!

The big-rocks-first-tip

Chances are big that you don’t achieve as much as you would have wished, and that is because of the way you plan your day.  Of course, you do many things, but somehow you notice that you don’t get done what needs to be done, and you don’t seem to do what really needs to be done. Steven Covey (the author of ‘the seven habits of highly effective people’) has a simple way to make clear what you need to do.  He says, “Big rocks first ‘, id est, do the important things first. If you do so, you still have time for other activities. This video shows that clearly:

Also suitable for ‘The Art of Femininity’ …;-)

The look-back-and-review-tip and the big-rocks-first-tip will give your productivity a huge boost, so I am sure if you apply this, you will be much more productive than in the last 8 months!


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