Here is the case. The way you think of something influences the way you deal with problems. Do you have the impression that gardening is above all having a tidy garden, you will probably mainly be busy pulling weeds. However, if in your view gardening means you want to have lots of beautiful plants you will act upon that view. Do you think that the problem you have with your colleague is based on your relationship with him/her? You will focus on that relationship. Or do you think it is because you disagree over facts. Then that will be your focus.  Do you think research is mainly based on how you tackle something? Obviously you will focus on methodology. If you think your research is about choices and perspectives you will mainly focus on literature and theory.

How you think of something influences the way you deal with it.

Have you ever questioned yourself how you think about writing? Because you can copy: your vision on writing influences how you deal with problems with writing, which has an impact on how you arrange your writing time schedule.


What is your opinion on writing?

Roughly there are three views on writing.

View 1: writing is avoiding making style and linguistic errors.

Do you think that writing is mainly about not making style or linguistic mistakes? You probably will formulate then a lot. Checking if sentences are right. Checking your grammar. Rewriting parts of the text and making sure your sentences have flow. Nothing wrong with this. But this is only a small part of the writing process. And probably the least important part…..

View 2: writing is formulating persuasive and comprehensible texts.

Do you think your texts should be able to persuade and be intelligible? Then you will focus on the theme in your story, the argumentation, the explanation and finding the right literature to underpin your point of view. A very important part of writing.

However I think that is not all!

View 3: you write to make sure you get text.

According to you writing covers a broad span and is everything you need to do to produce a text. That is what I think as well. Writing is more than making sure your text is persuasive and without any mistakes. Writing means to prepare yourself, to find a perspective, to make sure that you will get the right feedback, to rewrite, to find the right literature, to deliberate, to start, to cooperate with others, to persuade, to know your argumentation, to follow the requirements for a magazine, to……. Yes, about everything you need to do to produce a text.

Once you accept that, you can plan accordingly. You will realize that perhaps you will encounter different problems than you imagined and perhaps you have to look for different support. So make sure you clearly know your vision, so you know where to find your solutions!

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