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A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with my coach, Bernadette. She helps me to improve my work, which is supporting PhD students like you to successfully finish their thesis in time. By meeting Bernadette it dawned on me again how important it is to have a coach. Because she is an outsider, she will see things far more clearly than I will, because I am in the middle of it all. Another advantage is that she lives in Ireland, which is the icing on the cake for me whenever I visit her.


What a PhD Coach can do for you



What a PhD Coach can do for you








People often ask me what I can do for them as a coach. Here is a random list.

I will

·      help you to stay on track and make sure you take responsibility for your thesis

·      contact you in case you keep quite and try to hide

·      help you to prepare for challenges during your research before they have actually arrived

·      show you how to solve problems

.      trigger you in times you don’t try hard enough

·      help you to find out what is really a challenge for you, so you can actually work on that specifically

·      help you to notice who you could be

·      expand your way of thinking

·      take your hand so you can take the next step

·      support you when you will find yourself in a difficult situation with your promoter

·      ask you the relevant questions so you will proceed another step

·      be your mirror

·      warn you for mistakes you are about to make

·      support you to take the steps you want to make

·      help you to gain confidence

·      have handy tips and tools

·      give you check lists when necessary

·      have many, many more for you!


What a PhD Coach can do for you

And because I will give myself 100% to make sure your PhD will be successful, I will do my utmost to clarify for you at which point you are, what you are missing, what needs to be done and which steps you need to take to proceed further. To know your first step, is to know halve of your progress. And of course it is very important to know clearly what you shouldn’t do. So you can focus on the important things. A good coach can help you to obtain a clear picture what is going to be the next step.

Do you want to have a clear description of your next step?

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What a PhD Coach can do for you

But that’s not all! If you want I can support you for a longer period of time. What could you encounter during your promotion?

·      You feel overwhelmed by everything coming on your path

·      You don’t know how to have productive meetings with your promoter

·      You are not as productive as you would wish

·      You have trouble dealing with all the literature

·      You are stuck with writing

·      It takes you such a long time to start working effectively

·      You start to lose your confidence because of all the comments on your text

·      You are not as motivated any more

·      You notice that time is running out

·      You have a great plan, but you can’t keep to its schedule

Do you think you need some more intensive support? Let me know and I will plan a session with you to clarify what you actually need.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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