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More time for fun things in no time!

Sometimes an advice can be too simple for words. Let’s take a look at more time for fun things in no time. It is actually short and snappy.

How do you create more time and space so you can do more of the fun things? For you as a PhD student it is really important to reserve time and space for fun things to recharge your energy. To get your doctorate is a tough, sometimes underrated job. You have to do so much you say to yourself. I think it is time to downgrade that a bit.

Think of three things you would like to quit. Think of it now! Don’t wait!

Do you know them?

Next step: chose one of them.

From now on you will not do that particular activity anymore!

More time for fun things in no time


And what are the fun things you would like to do but you can’t find the time for.

Think of three great pastimes you would love to spend more time on.

Do you know any?

Chose one and start! You will have the time you didn’t spend on the activity you didn’t want to do.

It can be that simple. Sometimes you just have to do it.

So do it!


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