Mistakes are more important than successes.

Why do I say this? Very simple: you will learn more from your mistakes, which will lead to more success!

But how do you know when something went wrong, or that you were on the wrong track? Or that you should have done it differently? Sometimes you know the answer. It is right in your face. It is no point to discuss these situations, however you should address the difficult ones. So what do you do then?  You need a PLAN. In this plan you need to set goals – goals for working 90 days – and at the end of the set time period you will find out if you have achieved your goals.

Mistakes are more important than successes

Without a plan you won’t know if you are on the right track. So make sure you have a PLAN. A plan will help you to evaluate how things went. It will show you if you have achieved your targets. Did you? Great! And if you didn’t, then you have two choices:

1.   Your plan didn’t work

2.   You didn’t work according to the plan

You have gained experience and experience is one of the best teachers. Of course depending on how you use this experience you will benefit. Do you just react or are you going to be inventive?

How can you learn from your experiences? Make sure learning is more important than the experience. Negative causes will then be converted in something positive. And you will learn from your positive experiences. Every experience has added value.

Depending on how you approach an experience you will or won’t learn anything. Simple, but not always easy.

Why didn’t your plan work?

·      You had unrealistic expectations

·      You tried to do too much

·      You abandoned your plan

·      You focused on the wrong tasks

·      You didn’t have the resources you needed

Mistakes are more important than successes

The next questions will show you how you can learn from your experiences and make sure your next plan works better.

1.   What was your plan?

2.   What worked?

3.   What didn’t work?

4.   What would you do differently, knowing what you know now?

5.   What actions should you implement in your new plan to become more successful?

Answer these questions and learn from your experiences. This is a great moment to reflect and make a new plan.

What is your plan for the coming period?


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