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Regularly, I am asked why I organise writing courses, “…after all, there are academic writing courses available, and if I’ve taken those, why would I need another writing course?”

Good question.

Academic Writing

Academic writing courses focus on theoretical and analytical aspects; they cover topics such as the structure of a scientific article, correct use of sources, and specific conventions of academic writing in various disciplines, verb tense usage, grammatical structures, and so forth. They teach you what does and doesn’t belong in a scientific article. Incredibly important and very useful.

blankWriting Process

What you don’t learn in an academic writing course is how to manage your writing process; you don’t learn how to approach writing. What should you do first, and what later? How do you prevent constant rewriting? How do you know if your reasoning is correct? How do you clarify your story? How do you ensure you get useful feedback? Or what should you do if you keep procrastinating or suffer from writer’s block?

In the trainings fromThe Dutch PhD Coach, you learn how to improve your writing process. You learn to write efficiently and effectively, about the different phases in the writing process and what you should and should not do in these phases. You learn how to develop a writing routine and what to do if you get stuck. It’s – like all the support you can get from The Dutch PhD Coach – about how to approach something – in this case, dealing with literature and writing.
A completely different approach, and just as important and necessary as an academic writing course.

What are the different options?

The Dutch PhD Coach offers various types of training to master the writing process.




Writing Power Day
For whom? Ideal if you need a quick boost or are stuck with your writing.
What do you learn? Techniques to break through writing blocks and practical tips to speed up your writing process.
When to choose? If you want a day full of inspiration and practical tips to quickly improve your writing skills.

Online Writing Course
For whom? Suitable if you’re looking for a flexible, self-directed learning experience.
What do you learn? Develop a deeper understanding of the writing process and techniques for consistent and effective writing.
When to choose? Ideal if you want to develop your writing skills at your own pace with online support.

Thesis Writing Three-Day Course
For whom? Perfect if you want a deep dive into the writing process and need to practice new techniques, with lots of personal attention and targeted feedback.
What do you learn? Everything you need to write effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably, and to get useful feedback. Time to practice and apply what you’ve learned.
When to choose? If you want to dedicate a few days entirely to your thesis or articles with professional guidance.
This course is in Dutch, also available in English if you have a group of at least 6 people. 

Writing retreat and training
For whom? Ideal if you want five days of focused writing time and want to improve your writing skills. A workation.
What do you learn? How to elevate your writing skills and how to work with long-term focus, allowing time for leisure as well.
When to choose? When you need the time and space to fully concentrate on your writing, away from daily distractions.
Available for English speaking participants.Soon also visible on the English website, for now only Dutch website. 



Not actual writing training, but related to writing

AI for Researchers and Scientists
For whom? For everyone who wants to learn how to simplify and speed up dealing with literature using AI, and how to use AI in writing.
What do you learn? The basics of AI to take your research to the next level, learn how to use AI as a sparring partner.
When to choose? When you want to learn how AI can support you.
Dates? 8th March

Hope I’ve made the choice easier for you! 

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