Shall I move or not? Should I end this relationship, shall I end my studies?

So many questions that could bother you. And you know you won’t find an easy answer. Because everything has its cons and pros and one day you think this way and the other day that way. Of course once you start discussing it with others, you will be sure to get different solutions. Not finishing your thesis will have a lot of consequences and you don’t want to make that decision lightly.

There is a simple way to find out what could be the right decision for you.

Shall I or shall I not....(finish my thesis for example)

Just imagine that after you died, you are invited for a dinner party. The guests are all the different versions of persons you could have become after making certain decisions in your life.

Ask yourself who you would like to talk to, ask yourself who you would like to sit next to and who you would still like to talk to even after the dinner party is finished.

Probably you will now know which way to go.


(A tip of Roman Krznaric, co founder of The School of Life)

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