I hear it a lot from PhD students: they are incredibly busy; make many hours and even work in evenings and weekends. Then they tell me with a straight face that they actually achieve more working under lots of pressure.

Those who know me a bit longer or have worked with me during one of my programs will know that I preach to work fewer hours instead of more, to make sure you empty your head, to create space in your diary, to plan realistically and schedule time off. This actually will result in better achievements.

Why? Creativity – essential for your thesis – requires time and space. This clip will demonstrate that very clearly.

Do you need help to create more space and peace in your schedule? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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    • Hi Heloisa,
      I am so sorry that I just found out about your comment. I noticed the video is not available anymore, the blog is from 2016. I need to have a quick look in my files to see if I can find another suitable one. I will let you know.
      Once again, sorry for the delay.

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