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Maybe you have tried it in your holidays: a digital detox. A period without any internet, to be completely without your tablet or smartphone. In case you have actually tried it you must have experienced how peaceful it is.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Nomophobia. I explained how hard it could be to be without your smartphone.


To be online for long periods of time has an impact. Some of the downsides:

  • you can’t really focus because you are constantly distracted by digital media
  • you will appreciate reality less, because you transform yourself into a spectator, asking yourself if the life you lead is worthwhile to share on digital media
  • your brain is becoming more and more restless which will result in a decrease in creativity, more stress and superficial thinking
  • the more time you spend behind the computer, the less you will exercise.

You could conclude that chances are big that it isn’t you that has an influence on your behaviour, but the digital environment you are in. It is definitely time to take control!

digital detox

How to take control

You can choose a complete detox – simply a period without any digital devices – or a partial one. How you want to do it depends on you and the situation you are in. A complete detox is very simple: no phone, no tablet, no computer.

You could also monitor some parts of your digital consumption and install limits:

  • Silence your phone when in social company
  • Cancel business notifications in the evening and weekends
  • Get rid of your Facebook app for a while
  • Every time you want to grab your phone or tablet, contemplate for a minute and ask yourself what you are going to do with it. That means you are in charge and not your phone.

Do you want to be a bit more radical? Use the WhiteSpots app, which will show you the spots where it is impossible to go online.

Talk with others about your digital detox. What do they think; maybe they want to join you? I can predict that a digital detox will give you so much more time. Finally time for fun things. And chances are big that you will increase your productivity.


I can also recommend a decision detox!


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