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Many PhD students do not feel very happy, lucky, or fortunate, often due to the high amounts of stress they find themselves under. However, there can be an assortment of other reasons for this as well.

Maybe this can help you.

Go grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down 25 things you enjoy doing. These things do not have to be in a certain order, just keep writing until you’ve come up with 25.

And then, take a look at this list you’ve come up with and answer the following questions.

  • When was the last time you did this?

  • Does this cost money or is it free?

  • Do you do this alone or with someone else?

  • Is it related to your work?

  • Do you plan this or is it more spontaneous?


Doing what you love

Usually, you realise that you do not spend enough time on the things you like, you have fun doing, and you genuinely enjoy. Simply doing more of what you love can change your life, and more than that, it makes you happier.

Do you have the feeling that you could really use some more ‘luck’ and happiness in your life? Then, you can follow this free course, called ‘The Science of Happiness’ developed by Professor Laurie Santos from the Ivy League institution, Yale University. This course, also called known as the ‘happiness class’ on campus, has become the most popular course taken in the entire course catalogue in the university’s 300-year history.

A few meaningful takeaways from the course for finding more happiness:

  • Try to make more connections and contact with others, even if you do not know them

  • Do more nice things for others, even something such as grabbing a cup of coffee for someone else can make YOU happier

  • Count your blessings

  • Make sleep a priority, and get enough of it

  • Live in the moment, and stay in the moment

  • Meditate 

  • Stop criticising yourself

  • Do not focus on only getting richer

One more tip….

If only I could recommend one thing….

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