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‘Your research is the most important thing, just focus on that.’

‘Make sure you spend 24/7 on your research, otherwise you will fail.’

Do you recognise these comments?

I know they are uttered many times and many supervisors think along the same lines.

I have a different view though.

Of course, your research is very important. There can be no doubt. However, the most important aspect of your PhD, is yourself.

Each time things are not going well – because you are too busy, too stressed, don’t sleep enough, hardly have any time spare for your friends or family, or whatever reason – as a result, your research won’t go well either. Why? You can’t concentrate, you are easily distracted, you are worried about many things, you are tired, you think you aren’t good enough, you….. You can fill in the blanks for your situation.

Don’t be fooled, not your research is the most important aspect of your PhD; YOU are!

When you are doing well, you can focus on your research with the right mindset, you have clarity of thinking, you won’t hesitate to ask for help when needed. Taking care of yourself is a prerequisite, it is part of your job as a PhD student to nurture yourself.



You can take care of yourself in many different ways. Recharge yourself, do fun things, arrange to meet other people, sleep a lot, eat healthily, go for a walk and make sure you feel comfortable in yourself.

It is much better to work an hour less now and then and use that hour to recharge than to continue working while knowing that extra hour won’t be very beneficial. It would be better to start working again once you feel fresh and rested. You will need less time for your work and the quality of your work will be so much better.

Are you not sure how to start? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I can definitely help you!



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  1. Don’t be fooled, not your research is the most important aspect of your PhD; YOU are!

    better as

    Don’t be fooled, your research is NOT the most important aspect of your PhD; YOU are!

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