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Do you ever have the idea that you quickly forget what you literally just read? You’re not alone.

Methods to help you remember

Remembering things is a complicated process. There is a variety of scientifically proven methods that can help you remember more and improve your memory.  Examples of this include meditating, healthy eating, or just doing nothing. Memory is no passive process, and simply exposing yourself to information gives no guarantee that you will actually remember any of it.

Best way to remember

The best way to remember something is to actively keep yourself busy with the information you want to get in your mind so that you are working through and with the information.

This also holds true with trying to recall the written text, usually, your eyes simply glide over a page of text, with no assurance that you will remember any of it.

So, what can we do with this idea? Scientists and experts from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds went to work and developed a font: Sans Forgetica. The promise: Read your text in Sans Forgetica and remember much more clearly what you just read.

Here is the link if you cannot see the video.

Do you want your love to never be forgotten? Write your love letters in Sans Forgetica, there’s even been a song written about this!

Here is the link for the video.

You can download Sans Forgetica free of charge. The Sans Forgetica, for an unforgettable thesis!


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