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To obtain your doctorate is definitively not an easy ballgame.  It is probably one of the most challenging tasks of your life: a project for at least 4 years for which you have to do many things you have never done before and with an unknown result, as what you are doing is never accomplished before. That’s far from easy!

It is very important for such a project – and also for smaller ones –  that you can work with the focus on relaxation and rest. If you don’t feel well, suffer a lot of stress, don’t sleep well, you can say goodbye to your doctorate! You need to think clearly and this will become very hard if you are worried or if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin.


What you need to alter to finish your thesis successfully and in time


Look at the following incomplete list of questions you can ask yourself to find out if you could alter something to create more relaxation and rest.

–       Do you sleep well?

–       Do you have a fixed sleeping routine that helps you to relax before you go to bed?

–       Do you exercise sufficiently?

–       Do you move around regularly when you are behind your computer screen? It is recommended to stand up every 20 minutes and do something active.

–       Do you know how to relax?

–       Have you planned fun things to do on a regular basis?

–       Are you involved in other matters than your PhD?

–       Are you happy with the amount of time you spend with your friends and family?

–       Is your workspace right?

–       Do you eat the right nutrition to keep you fit and healthy?

–       Do you drink enough? A guide is 3 decilitre per 10 kg  weight.

–       Do you maybe drink refreshments that contain too much caffeine or sugar?

–       Do you know somebody you can talk to if you worry?

–       Are you enjoying what you are doing?

–       Do you worry a lot?

–       Do you know what to do when you are struggling with something?


Take the time to reflect on and ask yourself if you are doing OK. If that is not the case, what first step do you need to take to change that? And remember: there is always help at hand!



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