about youHow is the wind blowing for you this new Academic Year. Tips in this blog to help you with the start.

And…. which way is the wind blowing for you? Are you looking forward to starting or are you feeling reluctant? Whatever the case, the new Academic Year gives you the possibility to start afresh.

I have given many tips in the last years on how to start the new Academic Year in a beneficial way. In this blog, I will give you an overview.

Tip 1: Don’t go full steam ahead

Before you know it, the holiday mood will be gone once you start working again. What to do to keep this relaxed feeling a little bit longer?

Tip 2: Don’t be hard on yourself

You know you still have a lot of work to do to get finished. Don’t let this overwhelm you, but chop up your tasks.

Tip 3: Reflect

For a fresh start it is always a good idea to reflect on the past. These questions will help you just to do that and based on the answers you can make fresh choices.

Tip 4: know your own rhythm

Maybe things didn’t go so smoothly because you forgot to take into account how your own rhythm is. Time to reconsider this and adapt your daily schedule.

Tip 5: Divide your day in tomatoes

The pomodoro technique is a simple technique to become more productive.

Are you familiar with the pomodoro technique? It is so helpful to keep your rhythm and daily schedule.

Tip 6: Firstly plan your big tasks

Once you start planning make sure you begin with the big tasks and then the little ones. If you reverse this, chances are big you won’t have any space left for the big ones.

Tip 7: Make sure you have a good overview

As you are figuring out all the things you need to do in the next year, it is crucial to know how to plan them.

Tip 8: Don’t forget what you do know

Once you have reflected, arranged an overview and made fresh choices, write this down! Keep track of what you are doing and what you haven’t done. You find tips in this blog to stay on track.

I am wishing you a great Academic Year!


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