If you are a PhD student, in general you will not be picked to be one because of your creativity. Usually you are chosen because of your analytical skills, logic, intelligence, your ability to work well-detailed: you are chosen on the things that have to do with the left half of your brain. That is actually quite strange, because creativity is very essential for your PhD. How else do you get new ideas, do you connect them, find new relationships, become more intuitive about your field, get a more holistic view? The talent to be a genius is in the right half of our brain.


In our education system, we are particularly encouraged to develop our left-brain half; our right brain half gets less stimulated.  If you only use your left half, you will mostly think rational and linear. Geniuses have a good balance between their left and right brain halves and to get to that point your right half needs a real boost, it needs to be stimulated more. How can you do that? There are many ways. A selection:


Not enough? More options:

  • make a drawing upside down or read a text upside down
  • if you’re right  handed, make a drawing with your left hand, or put your mouse in your left hand, put your watch on the right hand side, do stuff you usually do with your right hand with your left hand
  • write in mirror writing , Leonardo da Vinci made all his notes in this way
  • listen to music
  • sing and move at the same time
  • think in pictures , surround yourself with pictures
  • learn to juggle
  • consult with others
  • start painting
  • close your eyes, take three deep breaths , make your belly empty in 8 counts and then fill it with air like a balloon, in the mean while imagine that everything you do will go well

Encourage your right brain half, that ingenious thesis will follow!


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