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New Year’s resolution are bound to fail. So how to start this fresh New Year in the best way possible. Not by setting New Year’s resolutions but by learning from the past year. Sounds complicated? Definitely not. Three simple questions will make your year start of with the right energy.



Take ten minutes and make sure you have your diary of last year by hand.

Question 1 

What have you done, made or experienced that made you feel proud!

We focus often on all the things that didn’t go right, that’s how we are build. That means we lose sight of the positive things. Have a look, browse through your diary and undoubtedly you will find many things to be proud of.

Question 2

What mistakes did you make and what did you learn or could you still learn of them?

We all make mistakes. The questions is how do you treat these mistakes? Do you berate yourself, and call yourself a loser or something worse? Make sure your mistakes serve you; reflect on them and their consequences. You don’t tend to make the same mistake again.

Question 3

What would you like to leave behind?

What would you like to clear out, leave behind, don’t do anymore. Which projects, goals, to-do-lists are you still dragging along with you. Let go of them and delete them. This also counts for all the stories you tell yourself. Which story is no longer of any use to you? Just forget it. Start with a new story and a new to-do-list.

Wishing you a beautiful New Year!


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