about youStill trying to achieve your New Year's resolutions? Have another go!

I am getting rather tired of it.

All these lists of New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts, start anew. 2021 is only a few weeks old and I don’t want to be reminded of all these good intentions.

Also, because probably in a few weeks time,  nobody will have kept them. For so many reasons good resolutions don’t really work, one of the main ones is not having a plan. By wooping your life, you might be able to make planning a bit easier, considering what other options you have in case your plans don’t work out. But still.

Yes, it is helpful to set goals. And yet, I am not going to advise you to set your targets for 2021. My wish for you for 2021 is to have your favourite feeling as often as possible.

Do you know what your favourite feeling is?

Perhaps you don’t really know what your favourite feeling is. So, I think it is a good idea to start figuring this out. For instance: I like to be calm. Calm in the sense of: no turmoil, free of agitation, being at peace and balanced. It is worth it. Because once I have that preferred feeling, I can move mountains, it makes me happy and I am grateful.

So how do I get this specific feeling?

The good thing is, you can practice achieving it. You don’t need to do anything special, you don’t need other people, you don’t need to set goals. Just feel how you would like to feel. To think a lot about your favourite feeling also helps. And once you feel it, observe where you notice the feeling: in your tummy, your throat, your torso or somewhere else?

You already are in possession of your favourite feeling, you only need to recover it now and then. The more you do that, the easier it gets.

Have you found the feeling?

The rest will be easy. Or less important. Or easier to handle. Once you feel how you want to feel, the rest will follow.

I am wishing you many moments of great feelings this year!


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