about youTake a holiday, your brain really needs it.

In the last couple of weeks, I am frequently asked: ‘Shall I take a holiday? Maybe it is better if I stay home, I am already lagging behind. The situation of the last months has made it even worse.’

My answer is quite simple: take a holiday! Probably you need it even more than in normal circumstances. Japke-d. Bouma explains it in a column in the Dutch newspaper NRC, that chances are big the corona crisis has exhausted your brain. Because we are living on adrenaline for such a long time, we are mentally exhausted. Another thing that is really taking its toll is attending Zoom meetings. The conclusion is that the brain definitely needs to recuperate.


Take a holiday, your brain needs it.


After 4 months of working from home, insecurity, being busy and stressed, perhaps with extra care responsibilities, zoom meetings, continually adapting to new situations, the limit has been reached. You need to recharge, recuperate, restore, whatever you want to call it. You can avoid extra stress before going on holiday. And a holiday wishlist can help you to plan your holiday.

Don’t stand in your own way

Quit getting in your way and telling yourself excuses. Take time off. You really need it. It is not possible to catch up on time.

Stop now, so you can start all fresh once you are back.

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