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There are days that your writing just doesn’t work out. Everything seems to distract you. Everything seems better than writing. One you have one of those days, there is help. Quite drastic help, I must admit, but still. For some of you it might be a solution.

Forcedraft, a way to make yourself write

What am I talking about? Writersblock. A computer programme that forces you to write a draft. It workings are simple: you give your draft a title. Next step is to set a goal in minutes or in an amount of words. Writersblock blocks your computer, all you can do is writing. Until you have reached your goal. So you are forced to focus. At the moment Writersblock is available for Windows, a Mac version will follow shortly.

For some of you this might be a solution. But, there are of course a lot of other ways to make sure you get to writing. I can tell you all about it during my writing course (in Dutch and English) which I organise regularly during the year. A solution in case you want to learn more about effective, efficient writing with fun. There are always more options!


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