Do you have the same feeling that the beginning of a new year creates new possibilities and new changes? That you can make a new start, leave everything behind and start all over?

It is a shame that that feeling disappears quite quickly again. You will be back in the normal routine before you know it.

How can you keep that fresh sense of enthusiasm and energy? Very simple. Do something that you have never done before regularly. Something new. Pure because it is fun to do. And do it on your own.

Have a miniature adventure, do something festive. Go to a shop you don’t know, have a cup of coffee somewhere you haven’t been before, have a cake! Visit an exhibition, go to the cinema. Take a different bus.

By doing this you will find out you will keep that bustling feeling of energy, even when it is not January. Just try it. I can guarantee you that you can do it and that you will gain a lot.


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