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Autumn is the season of letting go. Look outside and notice how the leaves are falling again. And they fall for a reason. If the tree wouldn’t be able to let go of its leaves it would be hard for her to survive winter, feeding the leaves would take too much energy while the sap streams are dormant in winter. By doing so the tree saves its energy to restore its root system so it will be strong and firm for coming spring.

Letting go is a very useful process and not only for trees. Every autumn I ask myself, what I should let go off, which habits are no longer of any use to me. And then I will make a plan to actually let them go.


I noticed I spent more time than I wanted on social media. Plan: have a clear schedule for the day, and plan a moment for social media. Stick to it. And I know I can do it. It is mainly a matter of practice.

So be like autumn, I can highly recommend it!


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