handy sourcesHandy tool for a fresh start of the new Academic Year

The start of the Academic Year is a great way to start afresh. And also, to have another look at your productivity.

Quite a while ago I posted an overview on my Dutch website about many different tools. It now seems that most of these have become superfluous, or maybe put in another way: they are all integrated.

I am talking about Notion. Notion is a workspace in which facilitates everything: your diary, planning, your notes, literature lists, a wiki. A tool that will really help you to gain an overview which is very useful for your productivity.

The tool is for free and in this video, you will find out why it is so useful for students. A former medical PhD student explains in this video how he made use of Notion.


I have just discovered Notion so it is hard for me to say more than already stated in the video. I do think it is a great tool if you also want to use Zettelkasten.

Do you have any other ideas of great tools that you think are indispensable for PhD students? Great if you will let me know in the comments below.

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