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Do you notice that sometimes negativity bogs you down? That you are going round in the same circles, which causes stress? That this one question keeps turning in circles in your head?

Why do things go wrong?

The questions you ask yourself to define your view of the world. Do you always wonder why things go wrong? That will be your focus. Do you wonder what the next step will be? Then that will be your focus. Your thoughts are crucial for the development of your feelings. Thinking of horrible things will make you feel awful. Thinking of happy things will produce happy feelings, no doubt about it!

You must have heard of the pink elephant: when someone asks you: ‘Don’t think of a pink elephant, you will think of a pink elephant!

I will give you an exercise that will explain this.


Something to do during tooth brushing…(or: how to change your focus)

Tony Robbins said the following: “The quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of the questions you ask yourself”.

Some questions

So, I would like to ask you to answer the following questions in the next couple of weeks. You will notice that your focus will change during this time and that you will feel different. You will be more inspired and you will have a different view of the world.

Because it is difficult to remind yourself of these questions every day – you will gain the most if you do it daily – it will be easier to fix a time every day. A perfect way is to combine it with a routine, like toothbrushing. It is also important that you really reflect on your answers: try to feel the answer and make sure it is a different answer each day.

The questions:

1.    What makes you enthusiastic?

2.    What are you proud of?

3.    Where do you want to focus your energy on?

4.    What are you grateful for?

5.    Who do you love and who loves you?

Just try it! Apparently, you need 21 days to adopt a new routine. My suggestion is: jot these questions down on a post-it, stick it on your mirror and answer them during tooth brushing. Once all the questions are answered, you may stop the brushing. Even if you can’t see a difference, your teeth will be grateful!

Let me know how you got on!

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