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Sometimes I mention books that are handy, useful or necessary, or all of the above. I found another useful book for you. A book that can help you to getting published in English, something you can’t avoid as a PhD student. And you will find it is not an easy job.

The book is called ‘A scholar’s guide to getting published in English, critical choices and practical strategies’.  Written by Mary Jane Curry and Theresa Lillis. One is associate professor in Language Education at the University of Rochester USA, the other is professor in English Language and Applied Linguistics at Open University in England.


A scholar's guide to getting published in English

The book is based on research and provides you with heuristics that will help you to examine your own choices and strategies. The many examples are aimed to get you thinking so you will hopefully make choices that are well substantiated and not randomly.

Some subjects covered are ‘joining academic conversations in a competitive marketplace’,  ‘publishing articles or book chapters?’, ‘identifying the conversations of academic journals’, ‘collaborating on texts for publication’, ‘accessing resources for writing for publication’, ‘communicating with publishing gatekeepers’.

Every chapter has fixed elements: focus of the chapter, data, questions and comments that will help you to get a grip on the focus of the chapter; questions to make you reflect on what you are doing; suggestions for next steps; referrals to other sources so you can find more information and research on the subject of that chapter.

Definitely a must!


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