Do you recognise this? You set goals but it is really hard to meet them? You are missing your deadlines; you make plans but can’t seem to keep them? Or that you are completely intimidated by the empty computer screen in front of you as soon as you want to start writing. Of course you will be unhappy because you haven’t followed your plan and therefor you can’t meet your goals. So you decide not to make any more plans or set any goals.

Tim Ferriss, known from ‘The four hour work week’ is a very successful businessman and online teacher. He has undertaken many ventures – he has a Guinness World Record in Argentinian Tango, was national champion Chinese kickboxing, is an investor in Silicon Valley and is a guest lecturer at Princeton University. And also he teaches people how to study. He has a very interesting view on setting goals.

How do you approach your goals? Tim Ferriss always begins with a question: ‘Am I making this harder than it needs to be?’ It really helps to figure out if you are doing the right thing to reflect on this question first before you start. Once you have it completely clear what your goal is, you can begin to figure out the right path to meet your goal, you can rig the game, as Tim states.

One way of rigging the game is to set yourself crappy goals. In this short film you will find out why.


If you can’t see the video click here.

So have lots of fun setting yourself crappy goals ! It will give you more success stories, which will make you happier and more productive. Great win win situation!


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