I wrote before how to write a good abstract.

But why are abstracts so important? 

Reason 1

An abstract will help you to clarify the subject of your paper. The abstract is your first step in the writing process, it helps you organise your thoughts. A straightforward abstract can be a guide for the final paper. Solving the issues with your abstract will help you solving these issues in your paper.

Reason 2

If you are struggling with writing an abstract, it may be because your paper needs more focus. Therefore, the abstract serves as a diagnostic tool.

Reason 3

Abstracts are read far more often than the actual papers.,The abstract should be engaging, clear, and well-written, to lure a reader into reading further. It also sets the tone for the rest of the paper.

Reason 4

Your abstract will contain the most important ‘key words’ of your research. These ‘key words’ are essential to being digitally visible. A good abstract will vastly improve your ‘find-ability’.

In brief, always write an abstract, even if the publishing journal does not explicitly ask for one.


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