handy sourcesHow making toast can help you with your PhD

Tom Wujec is a very interesting and inspiring man. He loves visualising, solving wicked problems, improving cooperation and inventing solutions.

By asking people to draw a picture of how to make toast, many surprising aspects show up.



How to make toast, a problem solving tool

How can this help you with your research? Very simple. Tom Wujec introduces you to system thinking. It is a method of thinking that you can be helpful for your research. It is not only very handy with respect to content but system thinking can also be used if you want to focus on the process of your research. Why don’t things go the way you want it sometimes, what are the bottlenecks and how come?

Have a look at this website Drawtoast. Drawtoast shows you in 8 simple steps the “how to make toast” exercise. You will also find a link to the TED talk in which Tom Wujec explains the whole procedure. I can really recommend you to watch it!

I am curious to find out how you implemented the “how to make toast” exercise.


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