about youThe best way to start the new academic year.

I always have some mixed feelings after the holiday. On the one hand, I don’t want the holiday to be finished, on the other hand, I want to get back to work.

Starting up

What helps me the most to start up again is not taking on the whole world at once. Just starting slowly, step by step. It almost seems like you are in a recovery process as if your arm has been in plaster. You need to build it up slowly again to be able to use the arm like you did before it broke.

This works the same for your brain: you can’t go full steam ahead, you have to gradually build it up.

How to do this?

On the first days, I don’t plan any meetings, have longer breaks, and try to take a walk outside now and then. I re-examine my daily schedule, which is the best rhythm for each task and think about how to organise my thinking power and flow. 

Last suggestion

Finally, I reflect on the past period.

In this way, I am assured of a calm start which will enable me to work steadily and also be productive.

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