planningturn your planning around and plan the fun things in.

What if I tell you that you plan in the wrong way? That time-management will not be beneficial for you, that you are forgetting what is most important?

Big chance you are shrugging your shoulders. Of course, I am quite capable to figure out how to plan my PhD?

Do you agree with this then don’t read any further. However, if you are hesitating just a little bit and sometimes think that you are not on the right track, read on for a very important tip.

How to plan in an effective way?

Most PhD students forget something essential when planning. They swamp their days with lots of work because they are under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, the academic work environment often isn’t really helpful either.

It has become quite normal to spend your entire day with work; you will be an exception, in some cases a loser if you don’t do the same.

So how could you do it in a different way? How do you go against the current and create new habits?

Turn it around

Start by not planning the things you have to do, like your meetings, your deadlines, and your analyses. Start by planning the things that make you feel good: breaks, exercise, meet up with friends and family, time to finish the day, time to go outside, enjoy the sun on a terrace, have a lie-in in the morning, all these activities! Basically, you will have skipped all these very quickly during your week, because, well yes, you need to work!

All these fun activities you are skipping out of your daily life, are actually the things that will enhance your well-being. And when feeling good, you will be far more productive, far more than when you are stressed, tired or too busy.

Give it a try, I can promise you: taking time to relax will gain time and you will feel much better!

It feels like a paradox to plan in such a way: I don’t have any time to do these activities. I am already terribly behind with work! However, by not planning time to recharge or relax, you will get even more stress, with the result that you will be even less productive.

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