Last week I found in the library of the Slangenburg a book called ‘Peace and regularity. What you can learn from living in a monastery’ by Anselm Grün and Petra Altmann. To my surprise there were a lot of practical tips in there that are still very up to date. A few examples.

Are you suffering morning moods?
What could be the reason for it?

  • Do you go to bed too late?
  • Are you secretly afraid of what the day will bring you?
  • Do you have no goal for the day?
  • Did you have worries that kept you from sleeping?

Think thorougly. If you found out the reason, then think of what you can do about it.

Or are you turning the night into a day?

  • Are you afraid of going to bed?
  • Or are you afraid you can’t sleep because you have a lot of worries you carry with you?
  • Or did you start to late with your daily tasks so that you could not stop in time?

This is how you avoid piles of work

  • Don’t put work in piles around you
  • Concentrate yourself on the task your busy with and then decide what you are going to do with it
    • Act upon it immediately or
    • Deal with it at another moment, but make sure that you know when or
    • Delegate it
    • Or throw it away, if you really don’t need to deal witth it

With many thanks to Benedict, LOL!


foto via, thanks to Randy OHC


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