You are not the only PhD student who suffers from a loss of motivation from time to time. Rather: it would be very unusual if you didn’t. A project of four years will undoubtedly have moments where things don’t go that smooth as you imagine.

If you want to be successful, motivation is a key ingredient. How can you describe motivation by the way? Which ingredients make up ‘motivation’?

Have a look at the following film.


This film explains how important goals and rewards are. So make sure you know why you want to finish your PhD (overall goal) and set yourself medium and short-term goals. Definitely don’t forget to come up with fun things to reward yourself. You are also allowed rewards if things don’t go that well. It will motivate you again!

What do you do to stay motivated? I would love to read about it.


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  1. If there is not deadline for tomorrow I find it also very usefull to just take a break from doing PhD at all. A week of holidays and you come back to work with fresh mind ready to do sth productive!

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