Success is explored in many ways. The internet is overflowing with quotes on success.


Celebrate your successes


Celebrate your successes.


Celebrate your successes


The theme in all these quotes is that success has to be earned. And because you work so hard for it, you will continue working and don’t really reflect on the successes you have achieved. However it is important to celebrate your accomplishments!

Why is it important to celebrate your successes?

  • Celebrating enhances a positive atmosphere, which is a great motivator! Have you tried to work really hard while the mood was really low? Then you know the meaning of a positive atmosphere.
  • By celebrating you also evaluate what you have accomplished. What went really well, what needed some improvement? What lessons can be learned for the next period?
  • To celebrate also motivates the opportunity to thank the people you collaborate with. Something that is neglected quite often. You need other people to obtain your goals and everybody loves being appreciated. The side effect is the impact on creating a good atmosphere.

Have a party! And don’t be shy. Be spontaneous, think of doing something fun, be generous and kind. Everybody loves parties. It doesn’t matter if it is something big or small you arrange, even sharing a cake at coffee time will have an impact.

Celebrate your successes


And don’t think you don’t have anything to celebrate. You started working as scheduled, you finished a paragraph, you received lab results or test results, you had a great meeting with your supervisor. You can all consider them as successes that deserve to be celebrated!


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