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I was walking down the street last week and I noticed a man who was engrossed in his mobile phone. A minute later I saw him tumbling into some bushes. It made me laugh but the man wasn’t too amused.

Every PhD student will encounter obstacles. Big ones and small ones.

One of the bigger obstacles is that you are not productive enough. This can be caused by many different reasons; many articles can be written on productivity. One common occurring cause, but not so well known is ADD.

ADD means Attention Deficient Disorder. If you have ADD chances are big that it takes you longer to process information, impressions and emotions. And probably you will have a weak short term memory. ADD is the reason that making plans, organising and clearing up can become such a challenge. It is more likely that you will drift off with your thoughts.

This website will give you lots of information on ADD.

One useful tip I received from a PhD student with ADD is to track your time. How to do that? Monitor every 5 minutes what you are doing. Once busy with tracking your time, you will be less tempted to dreaming away or drifting off. You will probably finish what you had to do which will result in a much better feeling at the end of the day.


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