handy sourcesThere is a difference in reading from paper or from a screen, this influence memorising texts.

A while ago I received a mail from Marjolein. She wrote that she had read a book of Mark Tigchelaar about reading and memorising. The book refers to the software you can use when reading texts on a screen.

The difference in screen and paper

Research has shown that we don’t take in as much when we read from a screen as from paper. Apparently, we scan the page and don’t read the whole page. The structure of a text is very important for memorising information. Obviously, you can’t control the structure of a text and chances are big that the structure won’t help you memorising your text so it is very important to focus during your reading. Focus is a big tool for memorising better. The mentioned software helps you to focus better and therefore to process information better.

Would be great to hear from you about how it has helped you.


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  1. I did not find it helpful. You can point your mouse on one line of text and when you reach the end of the line, it automatically moves to next line, you cannot go backwards. I did help if I would stay on line and look back and forth on a single line, but once it has jumped to the next line, there it won’t go back. You have to click twice to get out of reading mode and select previous text and get back to reading mode. Well, it might really helpful to some but I would stick with printer paper. Those are the best.

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