about youLaughter is really good for you PhD students, as research shows.

2022 has begun. 2021 was for many PhD students a really hard year. Almost 2 years in the middle of a pandemic has left its mark. And one day for sure can be harder than the other.

Is this day an awful day?

Do you know that laughing is a great source of energy? This is no-nonsense but based on scientific research.


Mitochondria generate energy, they are like tiny rechargeable batteries. Peter Mitchell discovered how it all worked and was awarded the 1978 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The most prominent roles of mitochondria are to produce the energy currency of the cell, ATP, Adenosine triphosphate. Healthy people use up some 70% of this energy for the vital functions of their body, the rest is used to do fun things. Do you lack this energy? Your mitochondria are probably not producing enough energy.


Albert Einstein taught us that energy and matter are fundamentally connected, which means that they are basically one and the same. Quantum physics is researching this in great detail. Quantum physicists have proved that everything in the universe – including us – is made up of a great field of energy and everything is connected in this field of energy.

This energy is subject to the laws of nature. We don’t know every detail yet, but one of these laws states that energies influence one another. Higher energy will lift up lower energy. Or the other way round.

Laughing makes you happy and healthier

Happiness, fun and laughter are all high forms of energy. You will always feel better after a good burst of laughter. This laughter increases the production of “happy” hormones. So laughter lifts up your energy, your mitochondria will be happy.

Fake it till you make it

It also works the other way round. You can instruct your body to signal the brain to make you feel better. As soon as you start to have a smile on your face, your body will produce happy hormones, even if that smile is fake and plastered on your face.

So laughing is great medicine, as much research has confirmed. Do you want to try it out now? Have a look at this short video. It will teach you how to laugh. Or maybe this will put a little smile on your face.

Keep laughing during your whole PhD, it will really help you!


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