handy sourcesPodcasts are a great way to explore, discover and learn.

Podcasts offer great opportunities to develop oneself, to relax, to explore and discover. I listed an overview of some interesting podcasts in this blog.

More tips for podcasts

Roy Meijer, Science Information Officer at TU Delft, also composed a great list of science podcasts.

PhD Talk Podcast

And: a while ago I was interviewed for PhD Talk podcast, hosted by Eva Lantsoght. This is the link to my interview explaining how I became a PhD coach, how a PhD coach can help, and what is often missing in doctoral education and supervision.

I am talking about the most common struggles PhD students encounter, the problems of foreign PhD students in the Netherlands and explain how Universities and supervisors could support their students in a much better way.

I also give you my best advice and a look behind the scenes: what does my everyday life look like?

In case you have any other tips for podcasts: add them in the comments, your colleague PhD students can check them out as well.

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