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Little things matter

There is this Toni Braxton song called ‘Little things’. Don’t ask me what I think of the music, but the lyrics inspired me to write this blogpost. This is the song I’m talking about. Why do little things matter? Because they can make a huge difference. What kind of small…

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about you Geweldloze communicatie

Learn to speak Giraffe!

Ever heard of Marshall Rosenberg? He is de founder of ‘non-violent communication’. And with this non-violent communication, he works with to handpuppets: one of a jackal, and one of a giraffe. Because giraffes have the biggest heart of al country animals en non-violent communications is the language of the heart.…

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about you

Nine rules to deal with criticism

As a PhD-student, you often have to deal with criticism. From your supervisor, from reviewers, from the audience if you give a lecture, maybe from your students, or from a different angle: friends or family. It is important to be able to sort out useful criticism from the other kind.…

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