supervisor Is Trump ever insecure? PhD students definitely are. What to do about it.

Something about Trump and supervisors

Whenever I see Donald Trump on TV I wonder if he ever doubts himself. Then I noticed a newspaper article about his nocturnal tweets to rectify his controversial statements about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Is the Donald insecure? I know that PhD students are, especially meetings with their supervisor…

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about you

Be like autumn

Autumn is the season of letting go. Look outside and notice how the leaves are falling again. And they fall for a reason. If the tree wouldn’t be able to let go of its leaves it would be hard for her to survive winter, feeding the leaves would take too…

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Are you sending out the wrong signals!

Only a small part of what you are saying; the words or content is part of communication. Albert Mehrabian, the famous psychologist and Professor comes to the conclusion in his studies that there are three elements in any face-to-face communication; words, tone of voice and non-verbal behaviour. Words only account…

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