about you What to do when you feel down

What to do when you feel down….

It is quite a challenge. Staying at home as much as possible, keeping a distance of 1,5 meters, most of the Universities closed and having to work online all of a sudden. I could easily add more items to this list of challenges. What to do when you feel down?…

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about you As you are sitting more at home it is very important to keep moving.

Keep moving!

As you are at home a lot more than usual, it is very important to exercise. In the blog of this week, you will find 5 tips on exercising. They are from fit20. And yes, I am completely prejudiced, my husband owns a fit20 studio. I have been training for…

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about you How to make working from home successful

Working from home

Working from home is the ‘new normal’. But unfortunately, in reality, it is quite hard. I have created a webinar with the ins and outs to help you with it. The webinar To make sure working from home will be successful, you need to have a good understanding of the…

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