writing Discussion and conclusion are the most challenging to write for a PhD Student

Discussion and conclusion, what’s the low down

The discussion and conclusion sections are often the most challenging to write for PhD students. What is expected of you? The discussion is the section that follows the methods and the results. The conclusion comes after the discussion. In the discussion, you let the reader know what your research means…

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How to avoid stress before the holidays

  It happens twice a year. Stress! Panic, hassle. What happened? Something serious? No: the holidays have begun. Christmas holidays or summer holidays. Somehow we always have the expectation that everything should be finished. And most of the time that is not possible. What to do do to start the…

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How to draw to remember

  You probably know the cliché that an image tells you more than 1000 words. And it is true! This is an example of a visual. A combination of text and image to make sure you remember the context of the book. One view is enough to give you the…

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