writing What do cooking and writing have in common?

What do cooking and writing have in common?

There are different types of cooks. The improvisers, the recipe-lovers, the just-throwing-things-in-the-pan-cooks, the I-prefer-takeaway-cooks, the burned-pan-cooks, the exploded kitchen-cooks. In the same way, you have different kinds of writers. You could talk about Beethovian – writers who will change and adapt their writing while writing or Mozartian – writers that…

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planning What would you like to do in the coming period? Reflect to find out.

What would I still want to do?

Autumn is on its way, a great time to reflect. The year is not finished yet; still a whole season in front of us. And of course the start of the New Academic Year, always the feeling of a fresh start. Reflection So, this time of the year is a…

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