motivation/inspiration Do you dare to ask for help or do you struggle as many PhD students do.

Do you dare to ask for help?

Vraagverlegenheid, a great Dutch word that entails the following according to Researchers of the University of Leiden: a person experiencing possible obstacles and reluctance when asking for help. Many PhD students suffer from this ‘not daring to ask syndrome’ and have the idea that I should be able to do…

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about you

Take a decision-detox

Nadia Boulanger was a French composer, conductor, pianist and influential music teacher. One of her famous sayings is without discipline there can be no freedom. One way to explain this is by making choices – disciplining yourself – you eliminate making more decisions. This creates a lot of space. So,…

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about you Walking doesn't cost money and you can do it everywhere and it is so beneficial.

The power of walking!

What can you always do, without preparation, without needing special materials, that costs as much time as you spend on it and that provides you and your PhD with so many benefits? Exactly: walking! It is the best present you can give yourself. A daily walk. I already wrote about…

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handy sources Podcasts are a great way to explore, discover and learn.

A podcast!

Podcasts offer great opportunities to develop oneself, to relax, to explore and discover. I listed an overview of some interesting podcasts in this blog. More tips for podcasts Roy Meijer, Science Information Officer at TU Delft, also composed a great list of science podcasts. PhD Talk Podcast And: a while…

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