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Learn to speak Giraffe!

Ever heard of Marshall Rosenberg? He is de founder of ‘non-violent communication’. And with this non-violent communication, he works with to handpuppets: one of a jackal, and one of a giraffe. Because giraffes have the biggest heart of al country animals en non-violent communications is the language of the heart.…

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Nine rules to deal with criticism

As a PhD-student, you often have to deal with criticism. From your supervisor, from reviewers, from the audience if you give a lecture, maybe from your students, or from a different angle: friends or family. It is important to be able to sort out useful criticism from the other kind.…

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Mental tricks we play on ourselves

There are many events that can interrupt your writing, both internal and external. Some of the external events you cannot control, or only partially. However, with the internal events, you do have a choice in how to respond and maybe get out of your own way… In the book ‘Writing…

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